Skin Tightening

A laser is used to heat the collagen already present under our skin causing it to tighten. Not only is the procedure absolutely safe, it also provides immediate results. Furthermore, over the course of weeks, your treated areas and their surrounding areas will start naturally replenishing collagen leading to an even smoother and youthful look!

Before Your Treatment

Remove all makeup and other substances from your treatment areas. Your aesthetician will apply numbing cream on treatment areas and provide protective eye-wear. 

During Your Treatment

Your laser technician will stimulate collagen production using rapid light pulses and go over your selected treatment area several times. The laser will also provide consistent epidermal cooling, ensuring your comfort. 

After Your Treatment

You are free to return to your daily activities. Some patients experience redness or warmth in the treatment areas, but these side effects are usually dissipated with an hour or two.

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