Dental  Bleaching

Teeth whitening has now become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments and has spread widely to its importance for the health of mouth and teeth, as well as becoming a distinctive sign of beauty in terms of obtaining shiny teeth and attractive smiles.
the technology of teeth whitening has become an art and a basic illustrates the different ways of teeth whitening as follows :

Home whitening :

The patient uses a special whitening kit and must strongly follow the instructions found within the brochure. The kit consists of either a tape containing the whitening substance pasted on the teeth, or a mold measured according to the sizes of the teeth; this mold contains the whitening material and is put on for a certain period. This process at home might take a week or more to gain satisfying results.

Whitening at the clinic :

it is a whitening session that occurs with the doctor in the clinic and takes 45 minutes. During this process, the doctor isolates the gums using a substance called ‘barrier’, which acts like a gel that covers the gums to prevent it from touching the whitening materials. After that, whitening gel placed on the teeth are exposed to LED that activates the molecules found inside the whitening substance therefore accelerates the process of oxidation and whitening. This process is known for its excellent results because of the high concentration found in the whitening materials. It is also safer than the whitening done at home because the patient will not be able to control the material himself, which can cause sensitivities or burns to the gums.
the Hydrogen peroxide is the main component of whitening as it reacts chemically when applied on the teeth. Oxidation occurs after that and works to break and remove the yellow pigments to give the teeth a bright white color.

There are some situations that can not undergo the process of teeth whitening such as teeth that are replaced with ceramic or contains fillings on the outer surface where the gel will be placed. It is also not suitable for people with high levels of teeth sensitivity as they will suffer from intolerable pain. Root canal treated teeth (Pulled Nerves) have a different way of whitening. They do not respond to the normal whitening procedure instead; the dentist has to remove the filling and open the chamber inside the tooth and place the whitening material inside and close the tooth with temporary filling.
The results will be obtained after 3 to 5 days. This procedure might need to be carried out again until pleasant results achieved.
adds that the teeth whitening process is a reverse method, whereas the patient might need to repeat it after several months or years based on his ability to maintain his teeth healthy. It is recommended to stay away from certain drinks such as tea, coffee and juices, as it is important to note that excessive usage of whitening materials can create roughness on the surface of the teeth and weakens the outer layer of the tooth.

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