General   Dental   Treatments

damas offers quality dental care with our highly experienced and qualified dentists that you can trust. Our best dentists offer all aspects of dentistry under one roof making a visit to the dentist less stressful.

Routine Dental

Regular check-ups allow us to identify signs of decay or disease when they’re in their earliest stages of development — making them easier and more affordable to treat! We use the latest technology to ensure that your care is efficient and as comfortable as possible.

Dental Cleaning

Preventive cleanings remove external stains and calcified bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth. This procedure helps to keep your supporting gum and bone tissues healthy, so that you can keep your teeth for life. If symptoms of periodontal disease are starting to develop, we offer therapeutic, non-surgical deep cleanings to help reverse the infection.

Cosmetic Filling

Tooth coloured bonding can help to mask the appearance of minor chips, gaps between the teeth, and surface irregularities. We custom match the composite so that it blends right in with your tooth — making it look whole again.

Composite Dental Filling

Composite fillings are metal-free, which makes them appear nearly invisible when you smile or laugh around friends. Because they bond closely with the natural surface of your tooth structure, they require less preparation. As such, they’re the least invasive type of filling available in modern dentistry!

Tooth Extraction

Severe toothaches, infected wisdom teeth, large areas of decay, or advanced periodontal disease are just a few examples of why a tooth may need to be pulled. Our gentle dental extractions are the first step in rehabilitating your smile with other treatments such as dental bridges, dental implants or dentures.

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