Hollywood  Smile

Hollywood smile is thin lenses of distinct types of distinct reinforced porcelain, fixed color and shine is placed on the external sides of the teeth only and is multicolored and can be designed in different forms to give the desired result.

Are there any types of these lenses?

Yes, there are different types of them from different companies, and we in our medical complex deal with some kind of the most distinguished in the world, IPS Emax, a German, Swiss-made.

What distinguish this type specifically?

  • It has a very constant, fixed and non-changing color
  • Constant, fixed everlasting glass
  • Very rigid, firm and non-breakable.
  • Endless number of design can be executed with it, since it is totally manufacture in computerized machine.
  • Does not cause any kind of interactions with the adjacent tissues so, it doesn’t causes any kind of inflammations.
  • Further more, the teeth that will be covered with these faces will be fully treated from any kind of decay or inflammations prior to fixing these shells which generate a perfectly healthy mouth with an attractive smile.

What are the advantages of this treatment ?

 Reaching the desired shape of the smile in terms of color, shape of each tooth and minor teeth alignment saving time and cost.
 Hollywood smile is considered one of the main components of facial beauty as it directly affects the patient’s psychology and self-confidant.
Veneer shells are considered a protective cover over the original teeth minimizing the liability for decay.
Ease of replacing any these Veneers at any time desired by the patient.

Does Hollywood smile cause any offensive mouth odour ?

No, this type of treatment doesn’t cause any kind of offensive mouth odour on conditions, that the patient must be keen on brushing his teeth constantly and following the dentist instructions. Important to mention that the offensive mouth odour is a common complained in the patients with no prosthesis in their mouth since it has other various medical causes that must be checked and treated.

What are the side effects of this treatment ?

Teeth must be prepared with less than 0.5mm thickness which is minor preparations that doesn’t cause any harm to the teeth and has been approved by all ministries of health worldwide including UAE.
Patient might experience some moderate degree of sensitivity in his teeth that reside gradually back normal.
In some cases, Root canal treatment in some teeth is required according to the dentist opinion.

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