What is Invisalign Orthodontics ?

The Invisalign transparent orthodontic is made of polymer material and is completely lightweight and transparent, and is specially formed and made for the patient after being matched with the shape of the mouth and dental coordination. The main difference between Invisalign and other types of orthodontics is that this type of orthodontics is completely transparent and invisible and not noticeable, giving it an aesthetic advantage that sets it apart.

Orthotics are installed for a period of time, to be determined by the specialist doctor, based on the patient’s condition and needs. The orthodontic will gradually correct the teeth and restore them to their normal state while maintaining the aesthetic image of the mouth.

No metal wires are used during the making and installation of the Invisalign transparent calendar, so it provides a better and less painful alternative to traditional or metal straightening.

Benefits of using Invisalign Calendar

Transparent orthoses provide quick and effective results during a short period of time without causing pain or inconvenience to the patient, so these devices are often used as a substitute for conventional or metallic orthoses.

The Invisalign translucent orthodontics are precisely engineered to re-align the teeth you need without affecting the adjacent teeth. Targeting specific teeth to correct them allows flexibility of the jaw movement, making it easier to perform daily activities.

The Invisalign transparent calendar is a suitable choice for those who wish to reduce the length of treatment and reduce the number of visits to the specialist doctor, as these devices do not require metal wires and the patient does not need to make periodic visits to tighten these wires.


Traditional Metal Braces

Metal orthodontics is one of the oldest methods used to straighten and beautify teeth, and with the advancement of medicine and technology, forms and designs of this type of orthodontics have evolved to become lighter and smaller and provide comfort to the patient during the treatment period. The orthodontist treats the alignments of the teeth and corrects the consistency of the teeth.

We offer a range of orthodontic brace options that help the patient to have a beautiful and healthy smile. And the specialized doctors in our center examine the patient and determine his needs and then choose the appropriate type of stents, and the orthodontic stents usually fit children.

The metal straightening continuously presses the teeth lightly, which gradually moves them from their position, as the jaw responds to pressure by breaking down the bone that impedes the way of the moving tooth. Periodic previews are defined to narrow the wires, monitor the movement of the tooth, and ensure alignment with other teeth.

Ceramic Braces

The ceramic orthosis is designed and manufactured from a transparent glass-like material that makes it completely invisible when placed on the surface of the teeth, so this calendar maintains the aesthetic appearance of the mouth as it is noticeable during the activities of daily life.

How the ceramic calendar works The ceramic orthodontic stents work in the same way as metal stents, as they continuously apply light pressure to the teeth, gradually moving them from their position and re-aligning them with other teeth.

Ceramic calendar features

The most important feature of the ceramic calendar is that it is transparent and not noticeable so it has an aesthetic advantage, as it allows you to carry out the activities of your daily life without worrying about your appearance. The choice of ceramic orthodontics provides you with an economical and aesthetic option for orthodontics and correction.

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