With age, women tend to lose tissue volume which results in changes in appearance and functionality of the vaginal area Many patients are seeking a solution to improve genital skin problems primarily for medical reasons, and at the same time for an aesthetic uplift to boost their confidence and improve quality of life.

The skin of the vaginal area ages the same way as the rest skin of the body It loses its elasticity, becomes sagging, and more and more wrinkled The changes appear after pregnancy and childbirth, and most common following menopause. The changes also include vaginal atrophy, due to decreasing levels of the hormone estrogen. Further, it leads to a lack of lubrication, causing dyspareunia (pain during sex). If the symptoms are left untreated, they will continue and may worsen.

Vaginal filler considers excellent, non-surgical solution to treat stress urinary incontinence, provide vaginal tightening and G-spot stimulation, without the cost and recovery time associated with surgery These natural and revolutionary fillers can be used to plump the treatment area, tighten loose skin and increase sensitivity to the vulvar area, while improving urethral control of urinary flow.

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