Vaginal  Lightening

Laser Vaginal bleaching is the process of lightening hyperpigmentation in the skin around the vaginal area (including thighs) using Laser energy. Hyper-pigmentation is a harmless skin condition where some patches of skin turn darker than the normal complexion of a person. This darkening is usually due to excessive melanin in the skin. They are usually confined to tiny patches or spread across larger parts and feels a little different (leathery or prune-like) than normal skin.

Laser Vaginal Bleaching aims to remove darker-colored tissues in the vaginal area including thighs. The technique involves the direction of minute intense pulses of CO2 laser into the skin with the purpose of producing little, micro-sized injuries in the skin to encourage healing by producing collagen and leaving the skin as smooth as glass. Through the laser usage, the removal of the melanin layer present in the sensitive area becomes possible, and thus it provides the desired look you can’t achieve with creams.
However, the skin does not turn light pink from dark pink in one night. First, our experienced gynecologists perform a physical examination to determine the intensity of the pigmentation.

Accordingly, the exact number of sessions required is determined. Changes are noticeable right after the first session, although desired results will be achieved after some sessions.

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