What is Botox ?

Botox is a substance that is extracted from one of the bacteria types. This substance affects the nerve impulses and is used in plastic surgery.

 In any case, the amount that is used is not harmful as it only works to paralyze the muscles that cause the appearance of wrinkles and lead to relaxation and these muscles are called muscles of expression in the face, which makes the skin regain its smoothness and the wrinkles disappear.

Botox is a very effective treatment to remove wrinkles and signs of aging and is inserted into the body through injection, but it is flawed that this lasts for a short period and then wrinkles and signs of skin progression reappear and the period during which Botox stays from three to six months And it requires re-injection again to hide the appearance of signs and wrinkles again.

Botox uses :

Botox treats all types of wrinkles and signs of aging, which are aging wrinkles, facial expression wrinkles, and eye wrinkles that appear strongly when laughing or exposed to sunlight, front wrinkles, and the area that extends between the nose, mouth, and neck.

Botox removes the causes of excessive sweating that appears under the hands, armpits and feet for a period ranging from four to six months.

And Botox treatment is done by injecting the affected areas using a very thin needle and the patient takes a sitting position and then injecting very small amounts of Botox then the patient makes movements in his face using his hands for a period of not less than three minutes.

And he should not lie on the bed directly, or exercise or exercise in a violent manner, or sleep on the sides of his head for a period of not less than three days after injecting it with Botox and then the changes begin to appear in the skin after three days of injection and changes appear completely after a week has passed Or two weeks of injection.

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