Plasma Face & Hair

What is the treatment for plasma and facial injection ?

Plasma injection treatment is a revolutionary treatment in the world of repairing imperfections and deficiencies of skin and hair.
The plasma is injected into the face and hair by extracting a blood sample from the patient and extracting the blood platelets from them with special devices and re-injecting them to the area to be treated.

Benefits of plasma injection treatment for face and hair

Plasma is used on the scalp to stop hair loss, restore its vitality, reduce fragmentation, and restore luster to it by feeding it at least 5 to 10 times the current platelets in the patient’s scalp, and is used on the facial skin to remove wrinkles, and renew the facial skin cells, which gives them freshness, vitality and youth, as well as This injection is an ideal solution to get rid of dark circles, and change the skin condition from fading to freshness. By treating mild scars, relieving their appearance, and repairing imperfections on the facial skin completely.

Plasma hair loss treatment

Platelet rich plasma stimulates hair follicles to produce hair and stop hair loss, thanks to the growth factors present in platelets that control the hair follicles and stem cells. This process is the one that occurs naturally if the blood flow is proceeding as required, and in plasma rich platelet therapy, the treatment concentrates growth factors in the areas that need to increase these rates to stop hair loss and re-germinate the new hair.

Duration of plasma injection treatment for face and hair

The patient needs to treat hair or skin with plasma to several sessions of 2 to 6 sessions to obtain the optimal results. The plastic surgeon at Damas Medical Center determines the number of sessions the patient needs to obtain the full results after examination.
Duration of treatment for one session takes about 45 minutes.

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