Laser  Mole-Removal

Laser mole removal treatments offer cost-effective methods of removing moles for people who are not keen on having their skin growths surgically excised. Surgical intervention can cause undesirable scarring in addition to substantial costs.

Laser mole removal also provides patients with fewer risks for infection because of the sterilization properties of the laser. Treatments involve minimal injury to the skin around the mole, causing the precise ablation of only the required tissue affected by the mole.

Recovery from laser mole removal is a quick, straightforward process. The treated area of the mole will be irritated for the first few days with visible symptoms of redness, mild swelling, and sometimes bleeding. A scab will form over the mole, which will eventually fall off on its own. The treatment site will initially appear as a dark colour that will gradually lighten up over the course of several months. After the scab has fallen off, it is very important for patients to protect the fresh skin that is exposed by daily applying sunscreen that contains an SPF of at least 50 to the treated area.


Sometimes after the scab from the mole has been removed, the surface of the skin may appear depressed in the area where the mole was originally located. Further treating the site of the eradicated mole with resurfacing lasers like CO2 or erbium laser can significantly improve the surface quality and texture of the skin and surrounding areas.

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