What is hydrachel technology?

HydraFacial technique is a medical hydradermabrasion tool that combines the properties of 3 functions, namely cleaning, peeling with emptying pores, moisturizing and nourishing the skin by filling it with intensive serums of natural extracts such as antioxidants and hyaluronic acid that attracts water to the skin and helps in maintaining its moisture, and red algae extract to lighten Skin, Arnica flower extract to soothe the skin along with other substances such as copper, zinc, peptides and magnesium, giving women a more freshness and hydration and treats many skin imperfections.

The machine contains a handle that holds spiral curing tips, the head of the handle pulls all oils, deposits and dirt from the pores and peeling the skin to be prepared to leak sera to it “Serums”.

For whom is hydrafacial technology directed ?

– Hydrafacial technique is suitable for all skin types of all ages, it helps to repair damage to the skin, especially from sunlight.
-It is considered a safe treatment for people who suffer from blackheads and the effects of pimples and pimples especially for those with oily skin, which gives you clean and clear skin.
– It cleans the layers of skin from dead cells and excess fat.
– Softens and prevents fine lines, slight wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and brown spots on the skin.
– Serums are mixed in the hydrachel system according to the skin condition of the patient’s skin.
– This technique is subject to the stars before the weddings and red carpet celebrations, as it gives the complexion the radiance and radiance.

How and how long to apply the treatment

The HydraFacial session lasts between 30 to 45 minutes, and the patient does not feel any discomfort during the operation, and the device is often described as a “cold spray brush that moves slowly over your face.”

The device performs four tasks at the same time: cleaning the skin with a head that sucks impurities and dirt from the pores, peeling the skin and removing dead cells, moisturizing, renewing and nourishing the skin by filling it with the serums that we mentioned.

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