Lose on average 10-15 % in approximately 4 months
No surgery. No endoscopy. No anesthesia
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Scientifically proven results.

Backed by 26 peer-reviewed clinical studies


7% average total body weight loss in the first 4 weeks of the Program.


96% of weight loss, on average, can be successfully sustained one year after the balloon exits the body.


10-15% average total body weight loss in approximately 16 weeks.

An effective no-surgery weight loss solution.

The Allurion Program is a 6-month medical weight loss program that helps you readjust your mindset towards food to sustain your weight loss, for your long-term health. The Allurion Balloon is designed to help you reduce food intake by taking up space in your stomach, so you feel full faster and for longer.

The Allurion Program consists of

Swallowable, vegan smart capsule gastric balloon helps you feel full faster.

A team of experts to support your personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan.

The Allurion Connected Scale and Health Tracker, connected to the Allurion Mobile App to track and support your achievements.

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